Zodiak Commune ELEC 02

Release: 2021
Label: Zodiak Commune Records
Country: Nederland
Artist: Johnfaustus, Serge Geyzel
Style: Acid, Mental, Techno, IDM, Rave, Electro / House
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Just a little bit after this new line named Elec was introduced by Zodiak Commune Records, Johnfaustus and Serge Geyzel decided these 5 tracks would make the best follow-up for the first production. A bit more laidback than u might use to hear, but still very solid tunes and only 200 copies out there!


Johnfaustus - Rukkus
Johnfaustus - Phoebe
Serge Geyzel - Falling down the Cliff
Serge Geyzel - Alone Together
Serge Geyzel - Palindrome