Neurotrope 019

Release: 2009
Label: Neurotrope
Country: Frankrijk
Artist: DJ Y?
Style: Acid, Tribe, Hardcore, Hardtek, IDM, Electro / House, Experimenteel
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For the ones that could not get their hands on the Scine 1 - vinyl, that big track named 2001 A Bass Odyssey, got pressed on the A1 of this classic Neurotrope-record wich is the second solo EP on Neurotrope. The following Bit Crushing Pt. 2 is made really laidback to create some variation. The same idea has been used for the other side, rock around the clock on the opening track and some expirimental on the close... Enjoy!


DJ Y? - 2001 A Bass Odyssey
DJ Y? - Bit Crushing Pt. 2
DJ Y? - Rucphen Oudenbosch
DJ Y? - Omdat T Zo Hoort