Lord Cal 003 : Thextremeistake

Release: 2015
Label: Lord Cal
Country: Belgium
Artist: Thextremistake, Thextremistake
Style: Acid, Tribe, Mental, Techno, Industrial, IDM, Rave, Experimenteel
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After having uploaded the full catalog of this label, it might be the right time to record some new mixes. Records like these can give the inspiration to pick up old ideas that can get new additions now new music is in the house. Thextremistake was a new name to us untill this came out, but with future releases we will deffinately check what is going on!


Thextremistake - TVSAIDS
Thextremistake - Experimentastingeneration
Thextremistake - Antibizactivities
Thextremistake - Analogicrow