Kei Hertz Soundsystem ‎: 3 past 3 - Zero Fucks

Release: 2018
Label: Kei Hertz Soundsystem ‎
Country: Nederland
Artist: 3 Past 3, 3 Past 3, Feutus Lapdance RMX
Style: Crossbreed, Breakcore, IDM, Jungle, Rave, Hardcore
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One of the newest arrivalst that came from the east of the Netherlands by Kei Hertz Soundsystem. It introduces itself with a nice designed cover and is full of hardcore jungles / breakcore tunes from 3past3 and Feutus Lapdance.


3 Past 3 - Murda Commit
3 Past 3, Feutus Lapdance RMX - No Ketchup