Hydrophonic Records 34

Release: 2020
Label: Hydrophonic Records
Country: Italy
Artist: Maskk vs. Bagz, Ixindamix vs. Maskk, Ixindamix vs. Bagz
Style: Tribe, Crossbreed, IDM, Rave, Lounge, Electro / House, Experimenteel
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For the electrolovers among us, this could be something new that could catch you interest. 3 new tracks on the Hydrophonic-platform that sounds a bit alternative, more chill-out, more laidback. Maybe it is because there are 3 remixes of the Supersonic Simulator, and all of them wears the voice of Ben Deadsilence!


Maskk vs. Bagz - Supersonic Simulator (Panik Alert Mix)
Ixindamix vs. Maskk - Supersonic Simulator (Don t Panik Mix)
Ixindamix vs. Bagz - Supersonic Simulator (Racket Alert Mix)