Hydrophonic Records 13

Release: 2009
Label: Hydrophonic Records
Country: Italie
Artist: The Wirebug (vs. Hue Jah Fink) , The Wirebug
Style: Techno, Industrial, Crossbreed, Breakcore, IDM, Electro / House, Experimenteel
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The Wirebug is also known as Hekate that was having some cool productions out with various labels, in this Hydrophonic Reords 013 you will get smashed around with cool breaky beats and IDM-ish sounds. The artwork is really evil, and the frist track was made together with Hue Jah Fink that made it complete!


The Wirebug (vs. Hue Jah Fink) - Bestia Della Notte (Con Shadowbitch)
The Wirebug - Hyper Volpt Vert
The Wirebug - Stai Attento A Cosa Desideri
The Wirebug - Phobianoia