Global Aura 001 : United

Release: 2014
Label: Global Aura
Country: Nederland
Artist: Bitkit, Jape Du Marie, D-ther, Psygasus, Metamorphosis, Agneton
Style: Techno, IDM, Rave, Trance, Experimenteel
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The times you hear about psychedelic techno / goatrance releases on vinyl are just a few. What would be the good reason to not promote this perfect produces product with transparent green vinyl holding 6 tracks made by different artists that is wearing a very nice piece of artwork as a cover. Bitkit, D-ther, Jape Du Marie, Psygasus, Metamorphosis and Agneton are all independent artists doing their own thing where this can be one of their showcases!


Bitkit - Digital Ninja (Original Mix)
Jape Du Marie - Andromeda (Original Psy Mix)
D-ther - Infection (Original Mix)
Psygasus - Black Samadhi (Original Vinyl Cut)
Metamorphosis - Cosmic Serpent (Original Mix)
Agneton - The Day The World Glitched (Original Mix)