FNK 001 : Groove Bass / This Life / OOeAA

Release: 2018
Label: FNK
Country: Frankrijk
Artist: Matt2nd, Zod, Baboden
Style: Techno, IDM, Rave, Lounge, Electro / House, Experimenteel
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With 6 tracks that came out on this first record, it is more than full out here! It did not really to start off as a label, but more as a project to reach out for new audience with nice compositions. To even have some psy-ish influences in your music made us take a few. Hope you will enjoy it!


Matt2nd - Groove Bass (Original Mix)
Zod - Groove Bass (Zod Remix)
Baboden - Groove Bass (Baboden Remix)
Baboden - OOeAA (Original Mix)
Zod - This Life (Original Mix)
Matt2nd - This Life (Matt2nd Remix)