Electro Music Coalition 004.1 : Android Funk Solutions #10 - A/B

Release: 2019
Label: Electro Music Coalition
Country: Nederland
Artist: Locked Club vs. RLGN, ЯTRA, Lectromagnetique, Neonicle, Ptzoid
Style: Industrial, IDM, Rave, Electro / House, Experimenteel
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This label is part of the bunch we started to follow from the very first production on vinyl. This 4th part has been split up in two parts that were coming in two different editions. We took the 12-inch just because it felt better when the tracks are getting the maximum space. 5 to be precisely, just like the second part all are made by different artists!


Locked Club vs. RLGN - Shadow Ghost Kurwa
ЯTRA - Andromeda
Lectromagnetique - Obscurity
Neonicle - Turbomolecular
Ptzoid - On