Asile Audio 03 : Headache sound ep

Release: 2019
Label: Asile Audio
Country: Frankrijk
Artist: Rog , Rog, Offset Zik , Offset Zik
Style: Mental, Industrial, Breakcore, IDM, Lounge, Electro / House, Experimenteel
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After having heard the first 2 parts of this label, it is not really easy to skip the third part because the same artist were working on it only this time combined! Big experimental tunes, we would have loved to hear much earlier in life. Still good to know the label is still active, so who knows what the future will bring ^^


Rog - Aversion
Rog - Mecanique celeste
Rog - Camisole
Offset Zik - Cycle 32
Offset Zik - Mod Amount
Offset Zik - Vog
Offset Zik - Lost files