R.A.T. Sound : R.A.T. Sound #1

Release: 2019
Label: R.A.T. Sound
Country: Rusland
Artist: Jack Wax vs. Jape Du Marie, John Rowe, R.A.T.
Style: Acid, Techno, IDM, Rave, Trance
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With 3 tracks from different artists that are working with hundreds of kilometers of distance most of the time, this Russian new platform is launched the way it should be. We got it from one of the producers that helps the label out with the distribution, and we think it is really recommendable because it wears 1 vibe. With what tunes would you combine it ?


Jack Wax vs. Jape Du Marie - Forgiveness
John Rowe - Peaktime
R.A.T. - Object №303